Throwback To Graduation!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. My summer classes are wrapping up and I’ve been working a lot as well, so I have been super busy! I have posted two new videos on my YouTube channel though, I would love if you guys checked them out! The first video is Dominic and I playing the game How Well Do We Know Each Other and the other is a What’s In My Makeup Drawer video! For some reason I was talking very softly in the makeup video, so make sure your volume is turned up, next time I will talk louder haha! Both videos are below!

Around this time three years ago I graduated high school! It seems like it’s been longer than that! I was looking at pictures from my graduation the other day and thought I would throw it back on the blog today!

These pictures with my parents and grandma’s are some of my favorite pictures ever!

I graduated from Dixie High School, they’ve had a tradition for sooo many years that you walk through the “D” as you graduate! Fun fact: the high school I graduated from is the same school my grandpa went to!

And here are some more graduation pictures!


Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a post dedicated to goal setting because I think it is so important! Goals are what motivate me, so I try to make several. I make monthly, weekly, and long term goals that have to do with multiple different categories. When I am making these goals I try to follow these three rules:

Rule #1: They have to be specific

Rule #2: They have to be realistic


Rule #3 is the most important in my opinion! Once you write them down you are held accountable for them, as you should be! Writing them down also helps them stick in your memory. I know some people who will set their goals as their lock screen on their phone so they see them several times a day, how genius! It also helps if you tell someone close to you your goals, that way they can support you and help you achieve them as well!

Here are a few of my weekly, monthly, and long term goals.


-Workout three times a week (not including the running I do at work)

-Be more aware of what I am saying and thinking

-Stretch daily


-Finish my summer classes

-Start Roth IRA

-Put more time into my blog

Long Term:

-Graduate college

-Pay off Khloe (my car)

-Buy a new computer

Goal setting is so important and motivating! I just decided to do a GIVEAWAY with this post. So comment below one of your goals. It can be a weekly, monthly, or long term goal. I hope this motivates you all to write down some goals for yourself! Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to comment a goal of yours to be entered in my giveaway!