Sunset Cruisin’ In Vancouver

Here we are, sitting in the airport during our layover. Dom’s writing TripAdvisor reviews & I am writing about our wonderful dinner cruise haha.

Our first night in Vancouver we did a sunset dinner cruise on the harbor, it was so cute! The cruise lasted about two and half hours (we were almost late, had to run a little to get there on time haha) which we thought would be almost a little too long, but it was perfect! When you walked on the boat, they had all the tables set with bread and a cute name tag so you knew where to sit. We were probably the youngest people on the cruise but who cares haha. There was live music on the boat the whole cruise which made it so relaxing. The sunset was amazing and we even saw a bald eagle while we were out on the harbor. They served salmon, prime rib, pasta, salad and dessert that was soo yummy! You are also able to walk out on to all the decks on throughout the boat for pictures and to just soak in the view at anytime during the cruise. This cruise was the perfect way to start our trip! Have any of you guys ever been on dinner cruises?! This was my second one, I love them!! Hope you guys have a good day, there will be more posts from this trip coming soon! Xo


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