Hiking in Vancouver & Stanley Wall!

The hiking in Vancouver was AMAZING! Waterfalls, suspension bridges, and lookout points were included on almost every hike. The best part about the hiking there to me was that it didn’t take 2 hours to get to the top of every hike, so we were able to do multiple trails throughout the day! They have a lot of hikes that are within a close distance from downtown and a few that are about an hour away. We decided to do a day trip to Squamish, which was about an hour away and it was so beautiful. On your way there, you drive on a highway called the “Sea to Sky Highway” and it has the best views the whole drive. We also did the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish which was crazy and a little scary haha. They also have a huge waterfall that is within 500 feet from where you park your car called Shannon Falls, it was breathtaking! I couldn’t believe how huge it was! We have tons of footage from Squamish and all of the hikes we did in our video below!

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s most popular park and I can see why! It was so beautiful and so big, bigger than Central Park. There is a Sea Wall that is about 8 miles that goes around the entire park with the most scenic views. We have some footage of our biking adventure in the video below as well. So many people we met there said that we had to bike the Sea Wall, so we did! It had the prettiest views of the beach and it wasn’t even that exhausting biking the whole thing either. Stanley Park also has an aquarium that we went too that was fun. We were really looking forward to seeing the sloth, but he was hiding the whole time. There also quite a few totem poles, beaches, and areas to have picnics throughout the park!

This trip was probably one of my favorites. Everyone was soo nice it was weird, but a good weird haha. There was so many outdoor things to do along with a lot of things to do downtown, it was the perfect balance! We made a video with highlight of the trip so we always have it to look back on, it is down below if you guys would like to watch it as well along with a bunch of pictures. Hope everyone is having a great summer! Xo


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