We Moved!


We moved a couple weeks ago and are finally settled in! We still live in Las Vegas, just in a new house. It is seriously the cutest neighborhood and super close to all of our daily errands. We both have decided we don’t want to move for awhile because of how exhausting it is, we’ll see how long the lasts. Hopefully are next move is to Canada! We both reallllyyyyy want to move there, but know it is going to be a process because of visas and what not. So that probably won’t be for awhile, but hopefully sooner than later. Now back to the new house, here are a couple of the little things I was super excited for that I want to remember:

  • The office! I am so excited to have our third bedroom as a office! It has already helped me be so much more productive when working.
  • High ceilings! I love love love how tall our ceilings are!
  • Having our own garage. This is silly but growing up the garage was never really any of my stuff because I didn’t really have stuff to put in it. Now all the stuff in there like storage bins and tools are ours! I don’t know why I think that is cool, but I do!
  • Walking distance to Target, Cafe Zupas and Pottery Barn. I am sure I will never actually walk to these stores, but it is nice being so close!
  • Less square footage. This house is about half the size of our last one (last one was 3,000 sq feet this one is 1,800 sq ft) so much easier to clean and keep clean! Also cheaper to heat and cool.
  • Kitchen storage. We have so much storage in our kitchen I don’t know what to do with it all. I am excited to organize it all!
  • Security. I feel so safe in our neighborhood! We have security that drive around that are super nice and helpful. Nice to know there are other eyes helping keep our neighborhood safe. Also our gate only opens if you have an opener or if you call someone and they let you in, no gate code. This can be inconvenient at some times but love how secure it is!
  • Our mail man. As we were moving stuff in the other week he went out of his way to come up to our house and introduce himself, welcome us, go to the post office and bring us our mail keys and let us know he brings packages straight to our door. He seriously made our day!! It was the warmest welcome! Expect a treat from us soon Rodney 😉

So many things to be grateful for! Hope you have a great day, Xo.

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