Date Night + 12 Things!

Last night we went to dinner and to the Stratosphere! We ate at the new restaurant in the Westin, Jake and Eli and it was sooo yummy! We were both excited for the rides on the Stratosphere till it was time to go on them. They are so scary!! One thing that was nice is that it wasn’t too crowded at the top of the Stratosphere, so we were able to walk around without having to dodge other people. We ended up going on the Big Shot, the one that shoots up straight in the air and that’s it! We have both done the other rides before and decided we just wanted to watch other people go on the other two rides haha.

It was freezing up there, reason behind the big puffy jacket. 

12 Things

  1. It’s crazy how much trust we put in rollercoasters.
  2. I have the worst habit of not remembering my passwords to anything. I have been trying to reset my school logins and it’s not working. School starts Tuesday, stresssssssed. I need to get a book and just write every single one down so this doesn’t happen.
  3. I have been waking up in the morning literally starving!!! I have to run down stairs and eat or I get sick. This has actually been happening for years now, fun fact about me.
  4. I went into Forever 21 yesterday and they were having a huge sale. Normally it takes me a minute to find things I like in there, but not this time! I got three shirts and a dress for $22!
  5. I planned out a content calendar for my blog this month and have been loving it. Planning it out ahead helps me think of more creative posts and I love it!
  6. There has been a coyote roaming around our neighborhood, not a big fan of it at all.
  7. After being a valet for a couple years I wonder if I will ever park my car normally again. We have to back in the cars at work so of course after doing that all day that’s how I park my own car, so much easier.
  8. I don’t understand why UNLV doesn’t offer close to as many online classes as CSN, some of us have to work for a living and enjoy doing school from home!
  9. I have been trying to find that one good pair of jeans so I can get rid of all my others, still unsuccessful.
  10. Lunch is always the meal where I eat the worst. I just end up snacking on things instead of having a meal. I was just introduced to these chicken kababs at Costco that are already cooked and you just keep them in your freezer and warm them up as you want them. The easiest lunch idea and yummy!
  11. I wonder what the thought process is when someone is building a house and decides to not put lights in some of the rooms. I’ll never understand it, lamp lighting is not the same!
  12. I bought Dom a pack of chargers for Christmas off Amazon and they don’t work. So annoying, I feel like the best quality chargers come from gas stations.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day! Xo

2 Replies to “Date Night + 12 Things!”

  1. what kind of chargers? Phone? I swear by the ones they sell at Stein Mart of all places 🙂
    I also have a password notebook. God forbid I lose it or it gets stolen. I tried to write in it very sloppy so only I can read it ….ha!
    Men design houses for the most part…hence the 3 doors to the panty, garage and kitchen…and the placement of the dishwasher and the stove.
    Dom and I saw that coyote…I said …”oh someone lost their dog….wait, that’s not a dog”
    There’s nothing like getting organized. I going through every cupboard and closet this month and having a garage sale as soon as the weather breaks in Feb.

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