My Monthly Favorites!

Welcome to another Monthly Favorites post! What are some of your favorite things at the moment? I love to try new products so I try to go to Sephora and buy travel size of new products that I want to try out and see if I like them before I buy a bigger version, best method ever! Haha I have found so many new products I like by doing this! I am always nervous to buy a bigger size of a new product incase I don’t like it, but buying the travel size of one is the perfect testing amount. Anyways, now into my favorites of this month!

Bath and Body Works Candle- I have been burning this smell since October and have no intentions of stopping. It smells so yummy!

Foaming Hand Soap- Not sure why I am just coming around to this trend, but wow. I love it. Bath and Body Works had it on sale for $3 the other day, we are stocked up!

What Do You Meme- The game, so so so funny. A little inappropriate sometimes but it is so fun. It’s basically like Apples to Apples but with memes and funny captions.

Blanket Basket- Of course I had no self control with the Magnolia Home decor line at Target. I got the cutest, simplest basket from the collection and I love it!

Black Mirror- The Netflix show. I have the hardest time getting into series but I have been loving the series Black Mirror. It is so creepy and cool!

TJ Maxx Coffee Cups- I want everything from TJ Maxx, everything. These coffee cups are seriously so cute and my favorite! A lesson I did learn from them though, is that they have metal on them, so no going in the microwave again haha.

Vanilla Lattes- I go through phases with drinking coffee, mostly because if I drink it too often it causes my body problems. Lately I have been loving the Keurig vanilla lattes, sooo yummy and much cheaper than Starbucks!

Conair Steamer- With Dominic’s new job we have been having to iron his dress shirts often and I am the slowest at ironing. It seriously takes me like twenty minutes a shirt. We got a steamer from Target the other night and it is 10x easier and faster than ironing! Yay!!!

Leave some of your monthly favorites in the comments! See you all next time!!

2 thoughts on “My Monthly Favorites!

  1. Glad you like the steamer. Might have to get one myself. Of course Mike won’t change from the cleaners, heavy starch….or would he?

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