New Month, New Goals!

A new month means new goals! I like to make monthly goals that help me be more productive and help me achieve my yearly goals. We are up at my parents this weekend for the super bowl and it has been so fun to see my family! This is my parents cute dog, Gracie! She is a ball of energy and so playful.

My Monthly Goals

  • Workout four times a week. I was pretty good about working out last month and want to make sure I keep the same motivation for it.
  • Finish my book.
  • Write in my journal. This is one of new years resolutions and I sucked at it last month…like didn’t write in mine once. So I am going to try to write in my journal at least once a week this month.
  • Learn three new dinner recipes. I want to make a variety of things so we don’t get sick of the meals we are currently doing.
  • I would love to go the whole month without breaking my vacuum, but we’ll see.
  • Post on my Youtube channel! (Video suggestions are always great if you have one!)
  • Travel somewhere, I have been itching to go on a trip!

Those are my monthly goals, what are yours? Hope you all have a great day!

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