A Year From Now | Birthday EditionĀ 

Wooo! Today is finally my birthday! I’m finally 21, I felt like this day would never come! Today’s blog post wraps up the Birthday Edition weekend on my blog! I’m so glad I did this, it has been so fun and I’m sure i’ll enjoy looking back at it! Todays blog post is about where I think i’ll be exactly a year from now!

Living: Hopefully somewhere other than Las Vegas, simply because I want to experience living other places around the world.

Education: I will have graduated college!

Work: Hopefully find a job in my career field after graduating.

Children: Nope lol.

Goals: Travel more, learn to cook healthier meals, practice yoga regularly, keep posting on my blog, document more of my life on video so I have it took look back on, own a french bulldog named Pico and be more organized with my clothing!

Those are kind of random things but I wanted something like this to look back on a year from now to see where I’m at compared to where I thought I would be. Thanks everyone for following along with this mini series this weekend, hope you all have a great week!

1996-2017 Memories | Birthday Edition

For todays birthday edition post I am going to talk about a few of my favorite memories throughout the years!

  • My mom dressed my sister and I up as bunnies for halloween for so many years haha.

  • Did anyone of your grandma’s buy you dresses with the matching hats?! My sister and I always wore those!

  • This was our first dog Josie! We also had a cat at this same time named Popcorn but my sister forgot to feed it, so it ran away :/

  • I feel like I look exactly like my mom in this picture, with the curled bangs haha! Did anyone else eat these candies?! I remember always wanting them!

  • We lived in my grandparents pool during the summer! I remember always driving down from Cedar City to Mesquite to swim and party at grandmas!

  • Jessica and I always use to stand on the counter and dance with our shirts tied up like Brittney Spears! We were way to into it haha

  • I was the clumsiest child and still am haha. These marks came from leaning back on a chair and fell into a window.

  • When I was about four or five my grandparents would always go on trips in their motorhome and my sister and I would always go over and play with ducks in the gutter and swim!

  • The first cheer team I was ever on!

  • I remember this so clearly and I feel like he might kill me for putting these up, but my sisters husband Kenny was always so nice and let us do makeup on him. We would draw a line down the middle and I would get to do one side and my sister would get to do the other! We always thought it was so fun!

  • I was named after my grandpa Dee and always thought it was the coolest thing, so here are some pictures of him and I!

  • I am pretty sure this was my first flight ever!

  • I have had an afro since day 1!

  • My cute mom and I!

  • My grandparents and I! We would always have a big Christmas celebration every year at their house that was always so fun!