My Top 5 Favorite Shopping Stores!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s post is going to be kind of short, I am just going to be talking about some of my favorite clothing stores at the moment! I am not super picky about where I shop so I have narrowed it down to my top five favorite stores!

  • Forever 21. I feel like people either love or hate this place, I personally love it, especially if it’s not an overwhelming store. (There is a two story one where I live, and it is so intimidating haha!) Anyways, I love to get summer dresses here!
  • Urban Outfitters. They have really cute and good quality clothes which I love! Their home décor items are also adorable!
  • Charming Charlie. This is my go-to store for sunglasses and purses!
  • This is an online store that I have recently started using. They are based in the UK so it takes your package a little longer to arrive, but they have great prices! I have read some reviews about people not liking this place, but I have ordered five different times from it and loved them all!
  • TopShop. Love love love.

What are your favorite shopping stores?! Comment them down below, I am always looking for new places to shop at. Have a great week!

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Happy Thursday! I put together my everyday makeup routine for you guys! It’s pretty simple, nothing too crazy simply because I am not the best at putting on eyeshadow and eyeliner, so I usually don’t wear it! I put together a video on my YouTube channel of me doing my makeup so you guys could see exactly how I do it! I put the video in at a faster speed because watching someone do their makeup for 15 minutes can get pretty boring, so I shrunk it down for you guys! The video will be below as well as on my YouTube channel, the link to that is in the sidebar! Also, make sure to give the video a thumbs up or comment on this post if you guys would like to see more makeup videos like this! All the products I used are listed and linked below and in the description box in the video, enjoy! 🙂

All the products I used in this video are listed here: