My Monthly Favorites!

Welcome to another Monthly Favorites post! What are some of your favorite things at the moment? I love to try new products so I try to go to Sephora and buy travel size of new products that I want to try out and see if I like them before I buy a bigger version, best method ever! Haha I have found so many new products I like by doing this! I am always nervous to buy a bigger size of a new product incase I don’t like it, but buying the travel size of one is the perfect testing amount. Anyways, now into my favorites of this month!

Bath and Body Works Candle- I have been burning this smell since October and have no intentions of stopping. It smells so yummy!

Foaming Hand Soap- Not sure why I am just coming around to this trend, but wow. I love it. Bath and Body Works had it on sale for $3 the other day, we are stocked up!

What Do You Meme- The game, so so so funny. A little inappropriate sometimes but it is so fun. It’s basically like Apples to Apples but with memes and funny captions.

Blanket Basket- Of course I had no self control with the Magnolia Home decor line at Target. I got the cutest, simplest basket from the collection and I love it!

Black Mirror- The Netflix show. I have the hardest time getting into series but I have been loving the series Black Mirror. It is so creepy and cool!

TJ Maxx Coffee Cups- I want everything from TJ Maxx, everything. These coffee cups are seriously so cute and my favorite! A lesson I did learn from them though, is that they have metal on them, so no going in the microwave again haha.

Vanilla Lattes- I go through phases with drinking coffee, mostly because if I drink it too often it causes my body problems. Lately I have been loving the Keurig vanilla lattes, sooo yummy and much cheaper than Starbucks!

Conair Steamer- With Dominic’s new job we have been having to iron his dress shirts often and I am the slowest at ironing. It seriously takes me like twenty minutes a shirt. We got a steamer from Target the other night and it is 10x easier and faster than ironing! Yay!!!

Leave some of your monthly favorites in the comments! See you all next time!!

Christmas Wish List Ideas!

Yay for Christmas themed blog posts! I am so excited for many more of these themed posts to come throughout this month! Today I created a Christmas Wish List! This list could be used as ideas on what to get your girlfriend, sister or to just put on your own list! I have also categorized by price ($10-$20 & $20-$40) so there is something for everyone and all the items are linked with the name!

Also I want to tell you all the I am working on a newsletter for this month for my subscribers! There will be a giveaway in the newsletter that goes out, you don’t miss out on it! It will be going out soon, so make sure you are subscribed! If you are on your phone you can scroll down to the very bottom to subscribe and if you are on a desktop it is in the top right hand corner!

Christmas Wish List Ideas!


Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Matte – $9 (50% off right now)

Target Coffee Mug – $6

Ceramic Hand Dish – $10

Ladies Wristwatch Brown – $17

Alyssa Round Crossbody Bag – $20

Metallic Slip On Mules – $20

Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette – $20 (on sale)

Beauty Treasures 73 Pc Collection – $20 (on sale)


Hanging Glass Display Frame – $22 (I think i’m going to have to buy this for myself… SO cute)

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – $27 (on sale)

Crescent Moon Mirror – $30

Stevie Wood Bead Hanging Planter – $30

Theresa Leather Crossbody Bag – $30

The Bucket List – $35

I found so many more good deals but didn’t want to make this post forever long. If you would like more suggestions let me know! Hope you guys have a great holiday and that this gift guide helps with your Christmas shopping!