Yummy Sweet Potato Chicken!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am going to share another one of my go-to recipes. Most of the stuff we make for dinner is easy and quick, because of how busy we are! When I prepare this recipe, I cook all the ingredients separately and then mix them all together at the end. I do this just to avoid any raw chicken mixing with the other sweet potatoes and green beans. The amount of ingredients that I have listed below is what we use for two people, but we always have leftovers, so it could feed three people. Step by step instructions are listed below!
• Two chicken breasts
• A few handfuls of green beans (we buy the fresh ones in the produce section that you pick out individually)
• Chicken Broth (I usually try to get the low sodium one)
• Two sweet potatoes
• One lemon

First, I get the sweet potatoes boiling because they take the longest to cook, and while that is going we dice up the chicken breasts.
Next, once the potatoes are cooked through all the way (poke a butter knife through to check how soft it is) we let them cool and then peel them.
After that, we start cooking the chicken. I season mine with garlic salt, onion powder, and pepper. While the chicken is cooking we cut the green beans in half, cut the ends off and get them washed.
Then, we dice up the sweet potatoes and put them in the pan that we are going to mix all the cooked ingredients in.
Following that, we blanch that green beans and cook them with the same seasonings as the chicken and add lemon as well.
Once all the ingredients are cooked we combine them in a pan with chicken broth. I don’t have a certain amount I use, I just keep adding it once it all boils out along with some water. I do that process three times so that the chicken broth can add some more flavor to the meal. If you happen to get too much water or chicken broth in the pan just turn the heat up and let it boil out. If you guys have any questions about how to prepare this recipe please let me know, I would love to help if I can! Hope you guys have a great week, see ya Thursday! 🙂


When I am not eating french fries, I am usually eating salad, which are so yummy and a nice light-but-filling dinner option. This salad is easy to make, healthy, and inexpensive. Our go-to salad is pretty basic, and we have it at least once a week because it is so yummy! I have the ingredients and directions listed below!


  • 2 chicken breasts
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Avocados
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Bacon bits
  • Croutons (we use the Texas Toast ones, which I have pictured below)
  • Dressing (we use the Olive Garden dressing which I also have pictured below, so so yummy!)

Something that we do that helps add a lot of flavor to the salads in season our chicken pretty heavily. I season my chicken with Onion Powder, Garlic Salt, and Pepper. Simple seasonings but they add a lot of flavor. If you have special seasonings you like I would use them for sure!


  • First, usually one of us will cut the chicken while the other washes and peels apart the lettuce. We do these two steps first so that the lettuce has time to dry after washing it and because the chicken takes a bit to cook through all the way.
  • Next, while the chicken is cooking and being seasoned we cut up some baby carrots into little pieces and dice up the avocado.
  • LAST, put the salads together. The way you put them together is crucial so that you have your toppings all throughout the salad. We layer as we put them together so laydown some lettuce, add a few pieces of chicken, throw some carrots and avocados in there, and then sprinkle some bacon bits and sunflower seeds. Then you just repeat this layering method tell your salad is completely made and top it off with some croutons and dressing. The Olive Garden dressing that we use is amazing, you don’t have to use much at all in your salad to get the flavor AND it is low on calories!

So yeah, very quick and easy! Of course you can add your own toppings if you have some that you like to use that are not listed, these are just the ones we like to use. If any of you have any yummy salad recipes send them my way please, I am always wanting to try new ones! You can send them to my email or leave them in the comments so everyone can try them out.  Also, if you try this recipe out let me know how it turns out. Hope you guys are having a great week!