How I Prepare For A New Month!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you guys how I prepare for the month at the beginning of the month. Some of things I have just started doing or am trying to get better at doing. I love feeling organized and doing these certain things make me feel ahead of the game!

I create my budget for the month. I create monthly budgets because each month you have different things to pay for so they differ from month to month. I love to sit down and write all the bills I know I have for the month and create my budget around that.

I like to fill my planner in with any events or due dates that I have that month. Writing them down helps me not forget and makes it easier to keep track of. Plus having a planner and filling it out gives me SO much joy haha it’s weird.

Goals! Write them down! I am been slacking on this one over summer but am super excited to do it for this upcoming month. I like to create monthly goals and then review my long term goals to make sure I am still on track with them.

Create my workout routine! This is something I am going to start up this month in hopes that it helps me stay on track a little better. I am going to write down in my planner what days I am planning on working out along with the time and type of workout.

This one is more of a weekly one. I like to sit down before I go grocery shopping and figure out what meals we are going to be home for and then plan them out.

I am posting this post a little before the first of the month so you guys can give it a try in the next week or so for the upcoming month! Do you guys have any certain things that you like to do before each month starts? If so, leave them below in the comments! I have been kind of off track lately with doing these before each month but am going to get back in the habit of it because it makes me feel so much more organized!

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Hope you guys have a great day! Also there is a new video on my YouTube Channel if you guys would like to check it out the link is in my sidebar.



Chit Chat!

Today’s post is going to be a random chit chat post.  So feel free to follow along and post any thoughts in the comments!

Has anyone tried going on a plant based diet? I don’t want to go 7 days a week plant based just maybe like 4 or 5. Simply because I have so many stomach problems i’m thinking it might help tons. Let me know if you have ever done it and if you liked it or not.

Have you guys ever shopped at Macy’s little shoe sale they always have? I got these cute shoes (in the picture above) for 50% off and they are so cute! Definitely going to start buying more shoes there.

Does anyone have a favorite sunscreen? I feel like the drug store kind doesn’t work! I was going to go to Sephora and try to find some to see if I felt like it worked better.

Last random thought, should I chop my hair?! When I say chop I mean like just above my boob. Its so hot and I think I am ready for a change!

Hope you guys have a good weekend! Xo