12 Things!

So, I had this whole Thanksgiving Series planned out for last week and ended up having some things come up and wasn’t able to publish it! I am still thinking about putting some of the posts up, even though its after Thanksgiving, we’ll see! I wanted to do a 12 Things post today to catch up with everyone, it’s been a little bit since I posted, plus 12 Things posts are my FAVORITE to write!

  1. We threw a Harry Potter themed Friendsgiving last week and it turned out so great! We went all out with decorations, costumes and food!
  2. We are finally putting together our website for Urban Social Marketing, when it goes live i’ll let you guys know!
  3. We are homeless as of New Years Eve 😉 We are looking for a home now, but its funny to be packing and not know where your going to be going yet, oh the element of surprise!
  4. I am pretty much done Christmas Shopping. I wanted to get my done early this year and i’m so glad I did!
  5. I have had A LOT of self control with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! Trying to remind me self that just because it is on sale doesn’t mean I need it lol.
  6. I am so close to finishing my degree, but they didn’t offer half the classes I needed for next semester. SO ANNOYING! Hopefully they can work some magic and add them in so I can be done this summer!
  7. It was 80 degrees the other day and it’s almost December, WHY!
  8. Dominic and I have been wanting to go on another trip SO bad! Any ideas on where we should go?
  9. I can’t get into podcasts and I don’t know why. Everyone talks about how great they are, but I just can’t get into them! 🙁
  10. My sisters kids are starting to say that Dominic is their best friend, not me. Not sure how to deal with it! Haha
  11. I have been having the worst neck pain for the past month and I can’t get it to go away! I’ve tried massages, icing it and oils but nothing has worked!
  12. I want to start a newsletter but I don’t know what I want to do it on. Any ideas?

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

My First Hockey Game!!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some pictures from the other night! So if you didn’t know, Las Vegas got a hockey team, of course we had to be like everyone else in town and become hockey fans. It was so fun!! Might be one of my favorite sporting events that I’ve gone too. Everyone gets so wild during the game and the energy in there is just awesome! We got pretty cheap tickets and were surprised how great the view was, highly recommend you go to a game at T-Mobile Arena if you are in the area.

What’s your favorite sporting event you’ve been to?! Also, I did a poll on Instagram about what my next post should be and almost everyone said a Monthly Favorites post, so keep your eye out for that this week!