First time in New Orleans & Memphis!

We just got back from a trip to New Orleans and Tennessee! New Orleans was so interesting and fun. We did a Segway Tour which was scary at first but ended up being a great way to tour most of the French Quarter and surrounding areas. I was the slowest rider in our group (surprise) and ran myself into a curb 4 minutes into riding, … Continue reading First time in New Orleans & Memphis!

Hiking in Vancouver & Stanley Wall!

The hiking in Vancouver was AMAZING! Waterfalls, suspension bridges, and lookout points were included on almost every hike. The best part about the hiking there to me was that it didn’t take 2 hours to get to the top of every hike, so we were able to do multiple trails throughout the day! They have a lot of hikes that are within a close distance … Continue reading Hiking in Vancouver & Stanley Wall!

Sunset Cruisin’ In Vancouver

Here we are, sitting in the airport during our layover. Dom’s writing TripAdvisor reviews & I am writing about our wonderful dinner cruise haha. Our first night in Vancouver we did a sunset dinner cruise on the harbor, it was so cute! The cruise lasted about two and half hours (we were almost late, had to run a little to get there on time haha) … Continue reading Sunset Cruisin’ In Vancouver