Our Company

Urban Social Marketing is a company developed and co-founded by Dominic Pramshafer and Tori Sullivan. Both individuals have extensive and invaluable experience in social media marketing, working with companies such as Back Bar USA and Southern Nevada Golf Association before they decided to build a business. Urban Social’s reach is ever-growing as more and more companies and individuals gain the knowledge of the importance of social media marketing, and who better to assist than a team that grew up in the era of social media?

Urban Social Marketing aims to assist small businesses and large companies in being able to reach the thousands of consumers who spend multitudes of time daily on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Other main services the company provides includes creative development for newsletter/e-blast campaigns, business card design, special event marketing, website banner ads, and flyer/brochure design. Let Urban Social assist you in bringing your business into the new era of marketing so you and your business can reach your full potential! To learn more visit www.urbansocialmarketing.com