I realized after taking the pictures for today’s blog post that I haven’t posted many pictures with my hair curly, which is ironic since my curly hair was the inspiration behind the blog name, A Series of Curls, but no worries the curls are in full force in today’s pictures 🙂 Today, I decided to write some helpful tips to surviving college. It’s getting close to the end of the semester, finals are approaching quickly, and this seems to be when I always feel like giving up.

College is HARD, it’s like you turn 18 and you are now expected to somehow balance homework, class, work, growing up, a social life, and oh yeah, having time for yourself as well. I am going on year three of this and I feel like I have acquired some helpful tips to help you get through it, especially on those days when you feel like giving up!

  • Sleep! This is key to keeping yourself sane.
  • Create a balance between school and your social life. Set time aside to just focus on your homework and school priorities so that you can use your other free time to be with friends and have a social life!
  • Set time aside to workout. Even if you only have time for a ten minute stretching video, do that. When you workout, your body releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. This is a key to keeping your stress levels low, especially during midterms and finals!
  • Be nice to your body, love it, nurture it, and take care of it. You can still eat healthy on a college budget, and it’s worth it! You will be able to concentrate and focus so much better in class!
  • Attend lectures, even when you don’t feel like it. (I am the worst at this)
  • Use a planner!! This will help make sure you are turning in your work on time!
  • Make a friend in each class. That way, if you miss class or need someone to study with you have someone to go to, and you get to make a new friend.
  • Don’t over book yourself. I tried working two jobs while going to school last semester and it was a joke. I didn’t have time for ANYTHING else and I was always tired.
  • Don’t do your homework on your bed, this is something I learned my freshman year. When you go to bed, you do not want to feel the stress of homework and doing your homework there can create that. It also makes it 100x easier to just fall asleep rather than doing your work.

The last tip is the one that I have found the most useful. There is no point in getting yourself all worked up about something you have no control over, it only hurts yourself. Try to avoid creating stress and try to avoid being around stress, that will help you keep your positive energy flowing and happiness alive! How do you guys survive stressful situations that require you to balance lots of things at once?

Loving & Not Loving

Hi everyone! So most of my posts lately have been recipes, tutorials, or travel guides, so today I decided to mix it up. I am going to be talking about random things I love, and random things I don’t love at the moment. I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers (Amber Fillerup Clark, if you don’t follow her, you should, she’s awesome! So here we go!

Loving how the weather is finally getting warmer, bring on summer!

Not loving how finals are just around the corner.

Loving how our fish are still alive, I didn’t think they would make it this long.

Not loving how the same street biker drives by our house at all hours of the night realllllly loud, he actually just drove by that’s what made me think of this.

Loving how my car is finally fixed, fingers crossed for no more car problems.

Not loving how crazy my acid reflux has been lately.

Loving how my new Mario Badescu spray is making my skin feel.

Not loving how my computer is on the verge of breaking :/

Loving my new Tape Shape Concealer from Tarte Cosmetics, my favorite one I’ve used so far.

Not loving how one of my plants just died, I guess I watered it too much 🙁

Loving how much fun I am having with my blog, so glad I decided to start it!

What are some things you guys are loving and not loving right now? Comment them down below! Hope you have a great week, see you Thursday! 🙂