Monthly Beauty Favorites!

We went to the cutest pumpkin patch the other day! I kept putting off going in hopes that the weather would cool down so we could wear cute fall clothes when we went haha. We ended up just going and it was 90 degrees! Where is the fall weather at?!

I’m trying to decide If I want to make this a monthly thing, my favorite beauty products of the month! Let me know if you guys would like those down below!

I have watched so many makeup tutorials on “baking” your makeup with translucent powder so it stays on longer and so your face doesn’t get shiny. I finally decided to get some and I love it! I got the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. So far I love it! My most common use for it is after my concealer, I put it on under my eyes and I feel like it has helped my under eyes look a lot better and makes my concealer last longer.

Next is the Tarte Maracuja Oil.  I normally use E Oil on face at night but have started using this one by Tarte and it has been working great! Very hydrating!! When I wear a full coverage foundation I mix in this oil with it before applying to my face. I feel like it gives the foundation the perfect finish!

I used to use baby powder when I needed a little more texture in my hair but I have been using the Batiste Dry Shampoo and looovveee it! I love that they make one for darker hair as well as lighter hair.

I have two lipsticks that I have been using almost every day this month. One was not expensive at all and the other was a little expensive, for lipstick haha. They both work great and are very similar in color! I have been using the MAC CremeSheen Lipstick in the shade Modesty and the Elf Lipstick in the shade Touch of Nude. 

These have been some of my favorite face masks, I try to use one once a week! They make my skin feel so soft and hydrated! They are the Que Bella Face Masks.

Those are my five favorites for the month! All of the products are linked with the name so you can check them out too! What are your beauty favorites at the moment? Leave yours below!


My First Hockey Game!!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some pictures from the other night! So if you didn’t know, Las Vegas got a hockey team, of course we had to be like everyone else in town and become hockey fans. It was so fun!! Might be one of my favorite sporting events that I’ve gone too. Everyone gets so wild during the game and the energy in there is just awesome! We got pretty cheap tickets and were surprised how great the view was, highly recommend you go to a game at T-Mobile Arena if you are in the area.

What’s your favorite sporting event you’ve been to?! Also, I did a poll on Instagram about what my next post should be and almost everyone said a Monthly Favorites post, so keep your eye out for that this week!