Going out of my comfort zone

I have been wanting to write about this for awhile now. Going out of my comfort zone is not something I am good at doing, but every time I do, I am so glad I did. For example starting this blog was going out of my comfort zone. Sharing parts of my life on here is something I am not use to, but I have absolutely loved this blogging journey and know I am going to love having these posts and videos to look back on.

I wanted to share my biggest experience with going out of my comfort zone and how many doors it has opened for me, in hopes that it inspires you to go out of your comfort zone as well!

At nineteen I moved to Las Vegas to finish my schooling. I left all my friends and family and decided to adventure on down here. Yes, it is only two hours away but it is a completely different environment, living and socially. I was going to be living in a city 10x bigger than what I was used to, starting a job with people who I didn’t know, going to school at a university that I didn’t know my way around, and having to get use to not being able to run to my parents house when I ran out of food. All of that was out of my comfort zone.

I get anxious going places that i’ve never been with people i’ve never seen. So I knew that this move was going to include a lot of situations where I had to come out of my comfort zone, which eventually started to excite me!

Now here is the story time, so grab a snack. When I first moved down here I started working within a couple of weeks. I met so many new people at work and ended up getting invited to a birthday party. I was so nervous. I didn’t know anyone that was going to be there, this was extremely out of my comfort zone. I had to be real with myself and get over my nerves and basically make myself go, because this is how I was going to make new friends. I ended up going and making tons of friends that I am still friends with. Stepping out of my comfort zone to go to the birthday party (which happened to be Dominic’s) led to me getting to know Dominic. It’s crazy to think that if I had chose to not go out of my comfort zone to go and meet new friends I could have missed out on dating my cute boyfriend!

This is a random post but I have come to the conclusion that if you never go out of your comfort zone you will miss out on so many opportunities to grow and meet new people who can change your life. There are so many times during this new adventure that I consider moving back home. I knew it would be so much cheaper, easier and less frightening but I am so glad I didn’t. I would have missed out on so many great experiences, new friends and the chance to grow!

If you’re still reading my rambling post, thanks! Hope you guys have a great day!


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, I feel like it’s been longer than it really has been since I lasted posted, but i’m back!

I have two other posts done, I just haven’t had time to take pictures for them 🙁 But I have a day set aside to do that this week, so keep your eye out for more posts shortly!

I decided to do a little life update on here because I feel like there is so much going on! First things first, I cut nine inches off my hair and I am loving it! I love having long hair but sometimes you just need a break. Plus it’s good to chop all the dead hair off and start new every now and then! It feels so refreshing!

Next big thing…WE STARTED A BUSINESS! Feels so weird to type that haha but it’s true, we started a social media marketing company and named it Urban Social Marketing! We both have experience in social media marketing and at some point in our lives would like to be able to travel without having to worry about taking time off work, so we thought what better time to start then now! We have had a great response so far and are so excited! If you want to know more about click here!

School, this isn’t anything new, it has just started back up again which makes life 10x more busy! Now that I have adjusted a little to how this semester is going to be, I will hopefully be posting a lot more!

We uploaded our first Vlog that wasn’t a travel one! I have said this a lot but this is something I want to do more so that I can have videos to look back on! We did a What We Do In A Day Vlog and it was so fun! We really enjoyed doing it so more likely than not, there will be more of them coming! That video is down below!

That’s all that major life updates I have! Have a great day!